Who am I?

I’m an English teacher in a rural school in Ohio. But my first love has always been writing. As a published playwright, I’ve always wanted to write YA novels as well, so I strap on my saddle and kick my horse, Muse, and head off down the road to representation. I have a BS in English education, and I am sure many of my students can verify the BS part on some days.  I also have an elementary certificate.

The BEST part about being a teacher has little to do with the content and more to do with the relationships you develop and the impact you can have on young lives. A lawyer went out to dinner with a group of friends and some people he didn’t know very well. One of them was a teacher, so the lawyer bragged about how much money he was making during the entire dinner. Finally, he asked the teacher what he made. The teacher replied, “I make a difference!” That’s why I write too. I wanna make a difference.


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