My COVER Reveal!!!!

NINE Sample 5Check it out! My debut YA/Sci-Fi novel NINE has an AMAZING cover! PLEASE…leave comments. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.


D.M. King




Shock. Awe. I’m still trying to digest the fact that someone believed in my writing enough to offer me a publishing contract for my YA/Sci-Fi novel NINE. Thanks to Marc Estes from Snow Leopard Publishing who found value in what I’ve been doing for the past four years. I’m grateful for the chance to begin a journey I always knew would come one day.

I’d been trying to find an agent all summer, entered contests, had moderate success, but to no avail. Just the thought of having my imagination available worldwide along with right down the street is a dream come true. How many books have you sold? Well–I’m not exactly sure how well it will sell, but can anyone really predict their success? Maybe if you were Stephen King, your chances of success would be easy to predict. I have some goals, of course, but no preconceived notions about making a Best Sellers list or winning any awards. I just had a story to tell, and I wanted to tell it. Faith, my main character, has a blood disorder. Rare.Why did I give her this flaw? 

Well–around 9 years ago now, my oldest brother passed away from leukemia. Ironically, he beat the cancer but died due to complications of Graft Versus Host Disease. I knew my brother had faith, but he also had so many questions, doubts, and things he wasn’t sure of when it came to the afterlife. I remember him asking me a day before he finally passed if all this God stuff we’d talked about for years was really true. I assured him it was. Hope filled his eyes. Tears flooded mine. 

So what does any of that have to do with my main character? Simple really. Faith’s not sure of where she fits in the grand scheme, and she blames herself for not doing enough to help her mother. Not being able to save her. That was me. I gave my platelets. Spent a week getting four shots of neopogen in my stomach just to increase my T-cells. Then another week of lying flat in a hospital bed waiting for a machine to separate my cells, so I could give them away to him. Nurses had to massage my arms afterwards, scratch my face when I itched, and feed me because each time I moved it made an alarm go off and the process got interrupted. This meant I’d have to stay there even longer. Six hours a day for five straight days, and I’d do it all over again for him.

He made it to my wedding as my best man as a result. Two months after, and he was dead. Faith’s power? She can heal others, but she can’t heal herself. I did what I could, but it wasn’t enough. Hours after he died I remember asking God why He didn’t heal my brother. His answer? I did. 

NINE’s all about aliens assimilating human souls in order to survive on earth, but Faith’s not too willing to give hers up quite yet. She may not have been able to keep her mother alive, but she can save the world. Maybe there’s hope for me too.

Enjoy the book. It was a blast writing it. I’m almost healed now too.

D.M. King


My Blogging Skills?

My Blogging Skills?

I know, I know…I don’t seem to ever have enough time in my days to keep up with this aspect of my site. I get it. When curious people stroll by, I’m sure they might say things like, “Whoa…he really doesn’t have much on his blog, does he? He must be just a part-time writer. Not really serious about getting published.” Of course, those people would have every right to say those things, but they’d be wrong.

For instance, though I’m new to the YA writing adventure, I’ve recently competed in some twitter contests. While they can be a little stressful, they’re also an awful lot of fun. Not to mention that you meet so many other writers who are kayaking down the same highly competitive rapids as you. I WANT to be a published writer one day. I WANT to have a really cool website with amazing links and run contests. Help as many other writers as I can. But right now? I don’t mean to be self-deprecating, but I’m a nobody in a sea of somebodies when it comes to writing. I have published a play, with one currently pending, but as far as novel writing goes, I’m an infant. I’ve also written a movie script marketed by 20th Century Fox studios for six months before they finally gave up, having not found a director willing to take it on and produce it. I’ve had moderate success in the Christian songwriting biz, but that was ions ago. What have I done lately? Not much. I query a little at a time. Rejections pile up, but I don’t get too discouraged. Why? Writing and traditionally publishing a novel is hard work! My time is coming. I need to make sure my craft meets up with the high standards of the industry FIRST. So if you don’t see me adding much to this blog, I’m probably writing, learning about how to write better, spending time with my wife and grandsons, and waiting for that phone call.

One day you’ll be floating around on twitter and come across my website again, and it’ll look a lot different. Trust me. And if you’re a new writer who needs some valuable insight and direction? You’ve come to the right place. Be blessed!

Here we go again…

Been a while since I’ve added anything. School year keeps me really busy, especially since I’ve been relegated to writing teacher now instead of just Language Arts. I miss teaching reading so much because I was able to get non-readers reading once again. So…I have officially started the querying process again for my YA/Sci-Fi entitled NINE. I believe in the novel’s potential. It has a cinematic style that some agents like but many hate. So I guess doing my research is really going to matter on this one. I’m learning a valuable lesson each time I go through this process. There’s an incessant voice in my head reminding me just how difficult it is to get a book published the traditional way. Writer after writer attests to the fact that it can take way over ten trunk novels or more before you get the “call.” I’m looking forward to that day, when God thinks I’m ready to handle it. Until then, it’s all about learning more about what I think I know but don’t really. Battling the cliche demons who fight their way into my brain, even though I’ve put up the garlic outside my office. Amazing writers still inspire me to believe that one day somebody might be saying that about me. Here we go again… a long and winding road that’s always worth it, even if you get fifty rejections. All it takes is ONE yes!




Just when you think you have this writing thing figured out, someone comes along to prove you wrong. Let’s here it for all the CP’s out there in the universe, especially the ones who are successful writers who offer their time to edit and make suggestions. Like many writers, I have heard a few horror stories about writers sharing their work only to have it stolen from them. Heck, Many years ago, I was a victim of such thievery. I had a song lyric stolen by a famous producer for Olivia Newton John. Not easy to prove, and the cost to fight it wouldn’t have been worth it, so I get it. It’s a scary proposition to let the world see your baby, but if you’re serious about your writing career, it is also ESSENTIAL. Multiple eyes are better than two. We’re way too close to the novel and sometimes refuse to see it any other way but OUR way. I have great respect for those established writers who have been down the editing pathway numerous times and understand exactly what publishers require and want. THOSE are the people I want to learn from and emulate. A special thanks to Brenda Drake for her awesome Pitch Wars and workshops for new and used writers, My analogy? You go to the doctor who tells you that you have a weird disease. You have a choice. Ignore him and go on with life, or get a second opinion. I’m always happy for the second opinion, even though I know I don’t have to change EVERYTHING they suggest. Get a CP or two you can trust! You won’t be sorry.

The Great Adventure


Something a diver jumps into the water off of, but WHY jump off of a perfectly good platform? Shoes? Can anyone say plantar fasciitis? All the world is a platform? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? So, I’ve been told I need to have one of these blogs if I’m serious about a writing career one day. BTW- I write YA novels in multiple genres, but I lean heavily off my platform toward dystopian, action/suspense, contemporary, and light sci-fi. More than likely due to my new platform, you’ll be seeing me on the book shelves soon. Hopefully, not in a half-price store, although I have absolutely nothing against them because at least it means your book got published.

However, I’m not in this just to see my book in print and go to book signings or have my New York Times bestseller made into a movie. While all of that would be a wonderful blessing, my main goal is to KEEP YOUNG ADULTS READING! Thanks for checking out my very inadequate blog. I’m praying I will eventually figure out what I’m doing on here and make it something at least seven people a year will follow. 

D.M. King