The Great Adventure


Something a diver jumps into the water off of, but WHY jump off of a perfectly good platform? Shoes? Can anyone say plantar fasciitis? All the world is a platform? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? So, I’ve been told I need to have one of these blogs if I’m serious about a writing career one day. BTW- I write YA novels in multiple genres, but I lean heavily off my platform toward dystopian, action/suspense, contemporary, and light sci-fi. More than likely due to my new platform, you’ll be seeing me on the book shelves soon. Hopefully, not in a half-price store, although I have absolutely nothing against them because at least it means your book got published.

However, I’m not in this just to see my book in print and go to book signings or have my New York Times bestseller made into a movie. While all of that would be a wonderful blessing, my main goal is to KEEP YOUNG ADULTS READING! Thanks for checking out my very inadequate blog. I’m praying I will eventually figure out what I’m doing on here and make it something at least seven people a year will follow. 

D.M. King