Clear by D.M. King

Hey Y’all,

I just wanted to give all fans an idea of my latest novel in the works…

It’s called Clear by D. M. King, and while the first draft has been progressing, I took some time to create a possible back-cover blurb. I’d love some thoughts on whether or not you’d buy the book based upon this description. Try to pretend you don’t know me from Adam (whoever Adam is) and read it like you just picked it up in a bookstore. All is subject to change, of course, but some of your comments could help me polish it up and make it shine. Thanks! 🙂


Newman yells, believing the defibrillator would do its job.

Aloof Dr. Nathaniel Riggins revives but just long enough. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to harm anyone. Thought I’d possess it until I died, then it’d go with me.”

What would go with you? Your deepest, darkest secrets? Your guilt?


Old man Riggins had a secret all right. A supernatural ability to erase people’s bad memories, and now, so does Newman Jones.

Of course, fame and fortune follow him like an ominous hurricane.  But—do special abilities ever come without a heavy price? Without often drastic consequences?

We always hurt the ones we love.

Scarred by an early childhood memory, Newman works non-stop to appease his inner demons of being the only person to survive a horrendous school shooting. But when his supernatural ability to remove disturbing memories goes haywire and begins to harm his followers, Newman must flee the country to determine the origin of his power and rescue his girlfriend Ava’s son from kidnappers.

On the surface, Ava Kelly might not be the perfect narrator. However, woven into her account of past events is a conundrum. A mystery many readers may question but not completely uncover until the ending, as the puzzle and her mind clears.

D.M. King turns the sci-fi genre upside down with his Fringe-like plot and unexpected twists. Readers will delight in the frenzy.



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