A little help here…

Writers are a different breed… Whether you are one or not, you can sometimes spot a writer in the crowd because their minds are usually rolling down a different alley, strolling down the unworn path, climbing the “Plot Twist” mountains, or generally ignoring you. NOT because they think you’re boring; you’re just not quite as interesting as what’s happening in their minds. Please take no offense because most of the time our lack of interest isn’t intentional. Transferring a story premise into a book is HARD work.

Attempting to unearth the magic in your brain isn’t always easy, is it? I’ve spent nearly five years embracing my sponge-like mannerisms, thriving on websites, blogs, and webinars to help me understand my craft. I have run across excellent advice along the way from people like Brenda Drake, for example, and a special agent Jessica Sinsheimer, with her Manuscript Wishlist and Manuscript Academy. But today I want to share another wonderful resource: Kim Weiland’s terrific articles for writers. I guarantee you will find something to challenge your writing mentality and take you to the next level. And not only that, but she’s a wonderful person too. Click on the link. You won’t be disappointed. Blessings!



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