A little help here…

Writers are a different breed… Whether you are one or not, you can sometimes spot a writer in the crowd because their minds are usually rolling down a different alley, strolling down the unworn path, climbing the “Plot Twist” mountains, or generally ignoring you. NOT because they think you’re boring; you’re just not quite as interesting as what’s happening in their minds. Please take no offense because most of the time our lack of interest isn’t intentional. Transferring a story premise into a book is HARD work.

Attempting to unearth the magic in your brain isn’t always easy, is it? I’ve spent nearly five years embracing my sponge-like mannerisms, thriving on websites, blogs, and webinars to help me understand my craft. I have run across excellent advice along the way from people like Brenda Drake, for example, and a special agent Jessica Sinsheimer, with her Manuscript Wishlist and Manuscript Academy. But today I want to share another wonderful resource: Kim Weiland’s terrific articles for writers. I guarantee you will find something to challenge your writing mentality and take you to the next level. And not only that, but she’s a wonderful person too. Click on the link. You won’t be disappointed. Blessings!



Faithless Surpasses First Two

Listen up! While my first two books have been successful, readers must have the REST of the story, right? Faithless answers many of your lingering questions such as what happened to Faith, will Rico survive without her, can Marek and Dredge stop World War IV, and will Resh Baldori counquer earth? I know I’m the author, ┬ábut Faithless will take you on adventure after adventure. Yeah, I know, sometimes the third book of any trilogy isn’t as good, but I’m asking you to trust me. Thanks to all my fans who gave this newbie writer a chance. Stay tuned for the release announcement and something truly different in my next book. Blessings!