For those who have finished NINE, my debut YA/Sci-Fi novel, I have a sneak peek at the book blurb synopsis for SOULLESS, book two in the trilogy. Feel free to comment with questions, but keep in mind one thing: I won’t give you any spoilers. 🙂 Tentative release is December. So excited to reveal the cover as soon as it gets finished.

Book Blurb Synopsis:

SOULLESS Book Blurb Synopsis:

Faith and Rico have escaped the crash but peril is lurking. Stuck in the mountains with no weapons but themselves, the bears aren’t their sole obstacle. It’s the pod people or podders, as Faith likes to call them. Soulless human creatures who have reverted back to their animal instincts to survive. Getting their real souls back and exposing Azuna’s takeover plans may have to be put on hold as Faith combats the elements and herself. Both pose enough of a threat to keep her from her ultimate goal. She’s changing, and not for the better. More powerful than ever, but that’s not a good thing. Or is it?

For the rest of the world, accepting a Niner influx is drastic but what choice do they have? The day Chancellor Stevens gave Azuna and Demas the keys to the Cadillac was the beginning of the end. Add the on-going threat of a diabolical Niner invention known as the Pro-Em, and the only possible result will be tragic.

In this sequel to NINE by D.M. King, Faith’s choices seem clear, but there’s more to lose now than ever. It’s no longer just about regaining the best part of who she is. It’s about saving humanity without losing any more people she loves. Living minus her soul is one thing. Living without the truth is another.



FREE 500 word critique

I admit it. I’m BIG on having the first pages capture my attention forcing me to read on through the night or day. So–I want to help out THREE lucky YA writers with a FREE 500 word critique.

I know what you’re probably thinking…who is this guy that he thinks he can say anything about my baby? I am a published writer, which doesn’t mean as much these days, but I also have over 20 years teaching experience reading amazing, semi-amazing, and really good writing from my 8th grade students/high school as well as thousands of YA books over the past ten years. I know for me, sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to see your baby from a new perspective. I’d LOVE to be those eyes and voice for you.

So how will I pick the winners? The first three people who follow me on twitter, Facebook, and on this blog will win. Pretty simple. I will contact you if you win with information on how to email me your sample page.

What will I critique? Hook–did you make me want to read? Plot– is it unique or something I have seen many times before? Characters–do they live and breathe and sound like real people? Style–do you show rather than tell? Are there enough details and a true voice? Pace–does the pacing keep my interest?

Good luck! I look forward to reading and reacting to your babies. Remember; from one writer to another, take what I say with a grain of salt because I’m NOT smarter than you. However–if there’s ONE thing I say that helped, PLEASE let me know about it.
DM King