My Blogging Skills?

My Blogging Skills?

I know, I know…I don’t seem to ever have enough time in my days to keep up with this aspect of my site. I get it. When curious people stroll by, I’m sure they might say things like, “Whoa…he really doesn’t have much on his blog, does he? He must be just a part-time writer. Not really serious about getting published.” Of course, those people would have every right to say those things, but they’d be wrong.

For instance, though I’m new to the YA writing adventure, I’ve recently competed in some twitter contests. While they can be a little stressful, they’re also an awful lot of fun. Not to mention that you meet so many other writers who are kayaking down the same highly competitive rapids as you. I WANT to be a published writer one day. I WANT to have a really cool website with amazing links and run contests. Help as many other writers as I can. But right now? I don’t mean to be self-deprecating, but I’m a nobody in a sea of somebodies when it comes to writing. I have published a play, with one currently pending, but as far as novel writing goes, I’m an infant. I’ve also written a movie script marketed by 20th Century Fox studios for six months before they finally gave up, having not found a director willing to take it on and produce it. I’ve had moderate success in the Christian songwriting biz, but that was ions ago. What have I done lately? Not much. I query a little at a time. Rejections pile up, but I don’t get too discouraged. Why? Writing and traditionally publishing a novel is hard work! My time is coming. I need to make sure my craft meets up with the high standards of the industry FIRST. So if you don’t see me adding much to this blog, I’m probably writing, learning about how to write better, spending time with my wife and grandsons, and waiting for that phone call.

One day you’ll be floating around on twitter and come across my website again, and it’ll look a lot different. Trust me. And if you’re a new writer who needs some valuable insight and direction? You’ve come to the right place. Be blessed!


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