Here we go again…

Been a while since I’ve added anything. School year keeps me really busy, especially since I’ve been relegated to writing teacher now instead of just Language Arts. I miss teaching reading so much because I was able to get non-readers reading once again. So…I have officially started the querying process again for my YA/Sci-Fi entitled NINE. I believe in the novel’s potential. It has a cinematic style that some agents like but many hate. So I guess doing my research is really going to matter on this one. I’m learning a valuable lesson each time I go through this process. There’s an incessant voice in my head reminding me just how difficult it is to get a book published the traditional way. Writer after writer attests to the fact that it can take way over ten trunk novels or more before you get the “call.” I’m looking forward to that day, when God thinks I’m ready to handle it. Until then, it’s all about learning more about what I think I know but don’t really. Battling the cliche demons who fight their way into my brain, even though I’ve put up the garlic outside my office. Amazing writers still inspire me to believe that one day somebody might be saying that about me. Here we go again… a long and winding road that’s always worth it, even if you get fifty rejections. All it takes is ONE yes!