Just when you think you have this writing thing figured out, someone comes along to prove you wrong. Let’s here it for all the CP’s out there in the universe, especially the ones who are successful writers who offer their time to edit and make suggestions. Like many writers, I have heard a few horror stories about writers sharing their work only to have it stolen from them. Heck, Many years ago, I was a victim of such thievery. I had a song lyric stolen by a famous producer for Olivia Newton John. Not easy to prove, and the cost to fight it wouldn’t have been worth it, so I get it. It’s a scary proposition to let the world see your baby, but if you’re serious about your writing career, it is also ESSENTIAL. Multiple eyes are better than two. We’re way too close to the novel and sometimes refuse to see it any other way but OUR way. I have great respect for those established writers who have been down the editing pathway numerous times and understand exactly what publishers require and want. THOSE are the people I want to learn from and emulate. A special thanks to Brenda Drake for her awesome Pitch Wars and workshops for new and used writers, My analogy? You go to the doctor who tells you that you have a weird disease. You have a choice. Ignore him and go on with life, or get a second opinion. I’m always happy for the second opinion, even though I know I don’t have to change EVERYTHING they suggest. Get a CP or two you can trust! You won’t be sorry.


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